Poems and Poemas em Português

About Frank's Work

“Gaspar's poems look dense upon the page—and float like a thousand blossoms in the wind."
—Library Journal

“Gaspar's long, prose-like lines—like translations from dreams—surround the reader with their capaciousness and flowing diction."
—Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Frank Gaspar is one of the best poets writing today." —Ray Gonzalez, The Bloomsbury Review

"Gaspar is a genuine talent, a true poet, a real seeker. Trust him; his poems will take you on profound journeys."

“No one in America writes as Frank Gaspar does. His poetic voice is distinctive.”
— Hilda Raz, Prairie Schooner

“For Gaspar, the small room of the poet houses the cosmos, and his poems welcome and embrace the pilgrim reader.”
—B.H. Fairchild

Frank Gaspar is an ecstatic…visionary, planetary, and quietly wise. —Dorianne Laux

“A journey into the marvelous, even the ecstatic.”
—Adrienne Rich

“Frank Gaspar’s poems are agile and forceful, their narratives clear and absorbing. I felt in his voice no attempt to persuade me of anything. I felt only the abiding imperative to get it right. Which is, of course, what real writing is all about.”
—Mary Oliver

A Field Guide to the Heavens:



  The Tree

  When Lilacs

Poemas em Português:

  Fevereiro (February)

  Kapital (Kapital)

Mass for the Grace of a Happy Death:



The Holyoke (2007 edition):

  Diving For Money

  Ernestina The Shoemaker's Wife

  Leaving Pico

  The Old Country

Poemas em Português:

  Largando o Pico (Leaving Pico)

  Torrão Natal (The Old Country)
Poemas em Português:
  Estou a Chorar o Lenço Branco — Depois de ler um verso de Adelaide Freitas ("I Am Lamenting the White Kerchief" — after a line by Adelaide Freitas, Translation by Vamberto Freitas)